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Development at GitHub:

end_call(page_ident, page_type, skicall)

The minimum version is:

    def end_call(page_ident, page_type, skicall):

This function is called at the end of a call prior to filling the template (or other type of returned page) with data, and gives you the opportunity to set any further widget fields, and to optionally set a session cookie string.

page_ident is the ident of the page being returned. A tuple (proj_ident, pagenumber), this is usually the ident of the template, css etc., page but can also be the ident of one of the responders which create a dynamic page (see page_type).

page_type is a string giving the type of the page returned, typically 'TemplatePage', 'CSS', 'SVG', 'FilePage' or 'JSON'. Certain responders create their own pages and for these the page_type will be the responder type, one of 'SubmitJSON', 'SubmitPlainText', 'SubmitCSS', 'SubmitIterator'.

This function should return either None, or optionally a session cookie string. This string will be returned with the next call to this web site in the skicall.received_cookies dictionary with key being the proj_ident.