Skipole WSGI generator.


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Development at GitHub:


You can also import exceptions which you can use in your functions:

from skipole import FailPage, GoTo, ValidateError, ServerError, ServeFile

Follow the links for further information:

FailPage(message = '', section='', widget='', failpage=None)

If raised in a submit_data function, the responder's failpage is returned to the clent.

GoTo(target, clear_submitted=False, clear_page_data=False)

Causes a jump to the target page set in the exception.

ValidateError(message = '', section='', widget='', status='400 Bad Request')

Causes the validate error page to be returned to the client.

ServerError(message = '', section='', widget='', status='500 Internal Server Error', code=0)

Causes the server error page to be returned to the client.

ServeFile(server_file, status='200 OK', headers=None, enable_cache=None, mimetype=None)

Causes a static server file to be returned to the client.