Skipole WSGI generator.


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Development at GitHub:

Skipole - Getting Started

Assuming you have installed skipole, the package can be imported into your code like any Python package, using 'import skipole'.

However, it also provides a useful feature when run directly. In which case it creates a skeleton project, together with needed support files.

To test this, run:

python3 -m skipole --version

Which should result in a string such as "5.0.0" being displayed.

You can now create a directory where projects will be developed, and a new project 'myproj'.

python3 -m skipole myproj /path/to/my/projectfiles

You should replace 'myproj' with your preferred name for a new project.

The /path/to/my/projectfiles should be to a directory where you will be developing your new project.

The projectfiles directory will be created with your new project 'myproj' within it:




The path "/path/to/my/projectfiles" is the path to a directory of your choice where you will develop your project. Multiple projects can be created in one 'projectfiles' directory, or you could have multiple such directories holding different projects.

If the directory already exists, and if myproj already exists in the directory, it will not be changed.

The python file contains code which imports skipole, and generates the wsgi application, and functions which you will develop further yourself. It is strongly commented so you should inspect it. You would then run:

python3 /path/to/my/projectfiles/

Then connect with a browser to localhost:8000 to view the project, and call localhost:8000/skiadmin to open an administrative site to add and edit folders and pages.

To stop the project from serving, in the terminal press ctrl-c


Assuming you have installed skipole using pip, to upgrade to the latest version:

python3 -m pip install --upgrade skipole

Check you have the latest with:

python3 -m skipole --version